In a complex legal environment, LTO favours a sectorial and transversal approach to cases and provides its public and private clients with dedicated assistance in litigation matters with regards to commercially related cases. Such legal proceedings can notably concern the fields of competition law, consumer law but also labor law.

LTO also assists its clients in other types of litigation cases, whether it is in the field of real estate or in relation to construction law. Joëlle Mouchart, partner at LTO, has a solid experience in those fields and will be your privileged contact.

Finally, LTO’s expertise in public and private international law allows it to intervene before international jurisdictions or to assist its clients in arbitration proceedings.

LTO regularly assists its clients, public or private, national or multinational companies, individuals or states before national or international jurisdictions, whether they are initiating or must respond to legal actions.

LTO is made up of combative and tenacious lawyers to represent you before all jurisdictions (civil, commercial, criminal and arbitration courts).

It should be noted that, when it is in the client’s best interest, the firm prefers to seek an amicable solution before launching a legal action.

The LTO methodology in 3 steps for the treatment of a file:

  1. A remote or physical meeting to discuss with you the project you are considering or the situation you are encountering
  2. An email providing you with an engagement letter summarizing the identified legal issues and comprising our fee proposal
  3. The accomplishment of the mission entrusted

Fees adapted to each situation

The fees are the financial counterpart of the missions accomplished by lawyers. They are established in full transparency according to the nature and the scope of the mission entrusted by the client and accepted by the law firm.

Depending on the type of case handled by LTO, the fees may be set either on an hourly rate basis (the hourly rate in force which is communicated to the client beforehand), or on a flat rate basis (calculated on the base of the time the law firm expect to spend and taking into consideration the applicable hourly rate). Finally, part of the fees may be calculated on the base of the result obtained (success fee). Under French law, lawyers are not allowed to be paid solely on the base such fees.

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